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The goal of our projects is to provide safe structures for those in need, employment for local builders, and restore hope for families and communities in need.


In partnership with the Fraternal Society of Mercy and clergy leadership in the Archdiocese of San Juan, Rebuilding Hope is committed to assisting in the full recovery of Puerto Rico's vibrant communities.


We have supported the reconstruction of several churches, provided funds for construction materials to support the rebuilding of homes and helped to support the economy by hiring local workers to support the efforts of Rebuilding Hope. It is our continued goal to support families and communities in need to restore hope where it has withered away by poverty and natural disasters. Without the hope of recovery, mental distress has become commonplace.


​The people of Puerto Rico are not alone. Show your support.

September 20, 2017 - Puerto Rico


On the morning of Wednesday, September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, devastating the island and plunging all of its 3.4 million residents into a desperate humanitarian crisis. The scale of Maria’s destruction has been devastating, causing as much as $94 billion in damage — a crippling toll for an island that was already billions of dollars in debt.

  • $94 billion in damage

  • Widespread flooding

  • 30 inches of water

  • Less than 1% of homeowners had full insurance.

  • Towns in remote areas still without reliable power source

  • The poor and marginalized are struggling to recover

  • Thousands unreached by official aid money


Puerto Rico, a territory of the United States, has a population of 3.47M people. With a median age of 40 and a median household income of $18,626, twenty-seven percent of Puerto Rico's population is employed and 46% of the population lives below the poverty line. This statistic is double that of Mississippi the most impoverished State in the U.S. Over 27% of the people in Puerto Rico, USA are on welfare. Many families live paycheck to paycheck and rely on government and non-profit assistance. Despite these grim sounding statistics, the people of Puerto Rico show resilience in the face of hardship; each individual has a story to tell more vivid and informative than numbers can provide. Rebuilding Hope service retreats aim to impact more than a stat sheet. We believe that strengthening the human family requires experiential learning, compassionate listening, and dedication to a life of charity. Come, experience the joy of giving - sign up for a service retreat today!

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