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October Updates

Here's a short rundown of everything going on at Rebuilding Hope Missions.

The month of October is off to a great start!

  • The RHM project team travels to Puerto Rico next Monday, October 8th to scout new service sites and follow up with the organizations on the island who have requested our help. Stay tuned for updates when we return!

  • The St. Joseph Parish Mission of Hope departs for Puerto Rico on Thursday, October 11th to restore a chapel badly damaged by Hurricane Maria. They will also be assisting with the renovation of the Convent of the Sisters of the Poor in Aibonito.

  • Rebuilding Hope is preparing project proposals for all of the volunteer teams who are interested in doing work for the people of Puerto Rico. Many meetings are slated to take place in the coming weeks to present the project team's findings.

  • The RHM Facebook page is gaining traction! We love engaging with our supporters, so feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

  • The Catholic Church of Puerto Rico is undergoing a serious challenge from the judiciary on the island. If you don't already know about the situation you can read more here. Please pray for the small community parishes in Puerto Rico who will feel the pain from this senseless overreach of power the most!

  • We received word from an orphanage on the island that there is debris and damage from the hurricane still endangering the children's play space. There is also a need for Enfamil for the small babies in their care. We will be visiting them next week to see what can be done! These pictures were sent to us, but they do not cover the full extent of the damage.

If you or a loved one would like to get involved in Rebuilding Hope Missions, please email

Also, if you or a loved one live on the island and are still coping with damage from last fall's storm, we want to hear from you!

As always,

- With love and blessings,

Michael from Rebuilding Hope

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